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Technical Notes

IODP Technical Notes

Layered pdf documents in digital petrography tools

The carbonate tutorial (AAPG DS#15) as well as the IODP Smear Slide Atlases (Technical Notes 1 and 2) present interactive content in a layered PDF format. To use the layers, the user opens the Layers panel from an icon (a stack of paper sheets) on the left side of the PDF window. With the panel fully open, layers can be toggled on and off. Not all images have content in more than one layer, though most include plane- and cross-polarized light images and scale grid overlays.

Since the construction of these teaching tools, options for PDF readers have expanded beyond the Adobe products, Acrobat, and Adobe Reader. Many of the newer PDF readers do not support a layered format. Although there is much content that can be accessed from the tutorial and atlases without the layers, a reader that is compatible with the layered format is needed obtain the full digital interactive information.

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

ISSN: 2332-9327

IODP Technical Note 1. IODP Digital Reference for Smear Slide Analysis of Marine Mud. Part 1: Methodology and Atlas of Siliciclastic and Volcanogenic Components (2013)

Interactive PDF editions: Atlas (PDF; 50.2 MB) | Tutorial (PDF; 7.1 MB)
Printable PDF editions: Atlas (PDF; 53.7 MB) | Tutorial (PDF; 8.2 MB)

International Ocean Discovery Program

ISSN: 2768-3435

IODP Technical Note 2. (PDF; 105.9 MB) IODP Smear Slide Digital Reference for Sediment Analysis of Marine Mud. Part 2: Methodology and Atlas of Biogenic Components (2015)

IODP Technical Note 3. (PDF; 363.6 MB) ODP Core Photo Atlas (2015)

IODP Technical Note 4. (PDF; 2.2 MB) Recommendations for microbiological sampling and contamination tracer use aboard the JOIDES Resolution following 20 years of IODP deep biosphere research (2021)

ODP Technical Notes

Lab procedures and drilling tool specifications.