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Proceedings volumes

Proceedings volumes contain the expedition summary, methods, site chapters, core descriptions, data reports, and synthesis papers.

Proceedings of the
International Ocean Discovery Program

ISSN: World Wide Web: 2377-3189

Implemented by the JOIDES Resolution Science Operator

Ocean Drilling Program (ODP)

Oman Drilling Project

Proceedings of the
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

ISSN: World Wide Web 1930-1014; DVD 1930-1022

Implemented by the U.S. Implementing Organization (USIO)

About IODP Proceedings ISO disc images

The ISO disc images associated with each Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program volume are optical disc archive files that contain expedition reports and other content distributed at the time of initial publication. The ISO disc image for each Proceedings volume is a hybrid Macintosh/Windows ISO 9660 image. Users may download and burn the ISO file to a blank DVD-R disc or mount a disc image to emulate a disc. Consult your operating system’s documentation for specific instructions. Third-party utilities are available to assist with the process.