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IODP Expedition 397

Iberian Margin Paleoclimate

Daily Science Report for 1 December 2022

Location: Hole U1588A (37°57.6044′N, 9°30.9961′W; water depth 1339.3 mbsl; proposed Site SHACK-10B)

Science Update: We continued APC coring in Hole U1588A, retrieving Cores U1588A-14H through 17H from 116.2 to 154.2 mbsf by 0305 h. A partial stroke registered with Core U1588A-17H indicated we had reached APC refusal. Then we deployed the XCB system and retrieved Cores U1588A-18X to 48X before by midnight. Owing to significant gas expansion of the sediment, we changed to cutting half-length XCB cores beginning with Core 25X, to allow for the core to expand more cleanly inside the liner. In total, 159.14 m (103%) of core was retrieved with the APC system and 213.2 m (110%) was retrieved with the XCB system. For the half-length XCB cores, recovery ranged from 93% to 143% and averaged 123%.

Cores U1588A-7H through 24X were split and described. They consist of clayey nannofossil ooze and nannofossil ooze. Contacts between lithologies are bioturbated, irregular, and gradational. Foraminifera and small carbonate sand, mollusk shells, and shell fragments are disseminated throughout. Bioturbation is light to moderate, and evidence of trace fossils including Thalassinoides, Planolites, and Zoophycos is observed. Several cores are slightly to strongly affected by gas expansion. Biostratigraphic markers provide an age between 0.91 and 0.97 Ma at the base of Core U1588A-19X.

We held the Site U1385 summary meeting and presented the scientific results from each laboratory team. We then continued to analyze samples and data from Site U1588 and to work on the reports for Site U1385.